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Our fruit delivery team believe that customer satisfaction should be the number one priority throughout everything we do. We work hard to provide a high-quality fruit delivery service that helps to keep your workforce healthy and happy, at the most affordable prices around!  We are always on hand to answer your questions, so call us today or take a look at the FAQs below.




How often will my fruit box be delivered?

We can deliver your fruit for the office, any day of the working week and as often as you like. Some customers only have one fruit box a week, others have several fruit boxes on a daily basis. Edgar’s Fruit are a flexible provider of fresh fruit for the office and will develop a cost effective package that ensures we meets the demands of your workforce.

Can an order be sent to several addresses?

Yes, we can deliver to multiple sites if required with no extra cost, providing each site has at least one box. Our fruit delivery drivers can also take the fruit to the location required at each site.

What areas do you deliver to?

For our fresh fruit delivery, we cover the whole of the South Eastern Region including central London.  We can courier our healthy snack boxes nationwide.

What areas are covered by free delivery?

All deliveries in the South East and London are free of charge for our fresh fruit and vegetable box delivery. Outside of this area, there will be charges incurred, please speak to our fruit team for prices. There is a delivery charge for our gifts, hampers, chocolate dipped berries etc – please see website for prices.

Do I have to have a weekly delivery?

No, deliveries can be made on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis or as & when required!


Our Products


How many pieces of fruit are in a fruit box?

Our classic fruit box contains 50 pieces of fruit.  Our mini classic fruit box contains 30 pieces of fruit. We can however, provide bespoke fruit boxes containing larger amounts of fruit.

How many snacks are in a snack box?

There are two sizes of snack boxes – a 50 piece snack box and a 30 piece snack box.  We can also provide bulk orders of some snacks – see our Other Products pages for more information

Can I choose what fruit I want?

Yes, Edgars Fruit realise that not everybody is the same or likes the same types of fruit. Our Classic Fruit Box contains a set amount and type of fruit which varies with the season. However, we offer a bespoke fruit box with you can tailor to meet you own needs including soft fruits, exotic fruits and dried fruit

Do you provide vegetables too?

Yes. We provide vegetable boxes or salad boxes, or can combine these with fruit to make a fruit and vegetable/salad box. Many offices provide their staff with healthy option snacks which not only include fruit but also crunchy vegetables and salads. Please contact us for further details.

Are your fruit and vegetables organic?

All our fruit and vegetables for our fruit boxes are delivered fresh from the fruit market. Dependent upon the season, we try where possible to source from local producers including Sussex farmed strawberries & raspberries, and Kent apples and pears. We do not supply Organic fruit & Vegetables.

Do you provide any other products?

Yes, other than fresh fruit and healthy snacks, we supply a variety of gift hampers that contain fresh fruit, fine foods and wine.   Great for corporate gifts at Christmas time.  We also supply complete hot and cold drinks solutions for the office, visit Edgar’s Water for more information.  Wellbeing People are also part of our group of companies and deliver health and wellbeing products and services to businesses, organisations and schools.

How can I be sure that your products are premium quality?

We only purchase and supply ‘grade A’ fruit & vegetables direct from the fruit wholesaler so our fruit is of the highest quality. Our fruit is not stored for any length of time so is delivered to you as fresh as possible, direct from market to you.

What happens if you don’t have all the products requested in stock?

Every effort is made to ensure all products ordered are sourced and supplied as requested. In the event that we are unable to supply certain fruit due to the seasons, we will advise and suggest a suitable alternative.




How can I order?

We prefer to discuss your requirements with you so we can make sure you are getting exactly what you want.  Fruit boxes, snack boxes and our gift hampers can all be ordered over the phone or via e-mail, or simply fill out our enquiry form on the website and our sales team will give you a call back!

Do I have to repeatedly order my fruit box?

No, your fruit box will automatically be delivered at the frequency agreed with our sales team, containing the fruit that you have requested.

What happens if we run out of fruit?

To being with, we usually advise that you take advantage of our fruit box trial over a 4 week period which means we can work with you to ensure that you have a sufficient supply of fresh fruit for your staff.  We can easily increase the quantity or frequency of fruit boxes delivered. Likewise, if you have ordered too much, we can reduce the amount or frequency of delivery

What happens if I want to change my fruit order?

Want to swap some oranges for bananas or add some extra kiwis? No problem, just contact our fruit sales team and they will make any adjustments to your existing fruit box order. We do ask that you give us 72 hours notice for any amendments.

Is there a minimum order?

Our minimum order is one fruit box or snack box per delivery.  We cannot deliver milk on its own – this is delivered with your fruit box and/or snack box order.

Am I tied into a contract?

No. At Edgar’s Fruit, we only ask that you give a minimum notice of 5 working days to stop your fruit deliveries to the office. You can then start up again at any time.


Payment and policies


What options are available for paying?

Payment can be made on invoice by BACs, direct debit, credit card or cheque!  We cannot accept cash on delivery as our drivers are not equipped to carry cash.

What is your policy on privacy?

Please view our privacy policy here

What is your policy on customer satisfaction?

Edgar’s Fruit take pride in the high levels of service that we offer, however, should a customer be unhappy with any part of our service we will reach a mutually satisfactory agreement within 24 hours to resolve any issues.

What happens if the fruits or vegetables ordered are damaged upon arrival?

In the unlikely event of this happening we will arrange a full credit for the damaged fruit or vegetables or alternatively arrange for a replacement delivery. Please view our return and refund policy.

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