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Classic Fruit Box

Contains 50 pieces of fresh fruit


  • We select the fruit for our Classic Fruit Box range depending on what is in season, making sure you get top quality and great tasting fruit!
  • A typical fresh fruit box  contains bananas, apples, pears, satumas, kiwis, plums.  In the summer months for example, satsumas will be replaced with flat peaches or nectarines!
  • Ideal for offices of 6 employees or more – depending on how much fruit is consumed of course  – for example, an office of 10 employees would each have one piece of fruit per day over a 5 day working week.
  • Multiple box discounts – please enquire!

£20 per box

Mini Classic Fruit Box

Contains 30 pieces of fresh fruit


  • The Mini Classic Fruit Box is just a smaller version of our Classic fruit box – just with fewer fruits!
  • Ideal for the smaller office or for healthy meetings
  • For a weekly delivery, the Mini Classic Fruit Box would be great for offices of 6 people or less – depending on how much fruit is consumed – this would allow for one piece of fruit for each employee, per day for a 5 day week!
  • Multiple box discounts – please ask our sales team

£15 per box

Bespoke Fruit Box

You choose the fruit you would like
  • Our Bespoke Fruit Boxes are made up of what you choose (subject to seasons and availability).  Whether it be more exotic fruit, such as pineapples, passion fruit, mangoes or maybe you would like some vegetable items added, such as avocados or carrots?
  • Let us know what you would like in your fruit box and we will send you a quote.
  • Your choices are depending on what is in the season – you can check our Seasonality Table for more information!
  • You can also, simply choose to have a box of bananas or apples for a sporting or external event?


Discounts available for multiple fruit box orders
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Fulfilling your requirements

  • Delivery  Free delivery to London and the South East.  Delivery outside these distribution areas will incur a small charge. Please ask for more details.
  • No contract or tie-in we deliver fresh fruit to you on a regular basis or as a one off with no long term obligation.
  • Utmost freshness Our fresh fruit is packed and  delivered to you as quickly as possible meaning it retains its quality, taste and nutritional value!
  • Excellent variety in every box  We have taken great care to select a wide range of fruit that is in season to suit all tastes!
  • Ultra convenient We take the hassle out of unnecessary shopping trips and deliver your fresh fruit direct to you!
  • Multiple box discounts and multiple delivery addresses available – please ask our sales team for more information.

Fruit for the Office


Edgar’s believe that having fresh fruit freely available at work encourages employees to eat more healthily.  Something as simple as offering fresh fruit or healthy snacks can really make staff feel more valued and appreciated.

The benefits of eating more fruit and vegetables is endless and is a vital part of a healthy diet, including your 5-a-day and to maintain good health. The natural sugars in fruit provide slow release energy which allows you to remain alert for longer and helps to prevent afternoon ‘slumps’ and tiredness during the day.

Having a regular fruit box delivery will help with better employee productivity and reduced sickness absence. Edgar’s Fruit is confident that businesses which offer health and wellbeing support to their employees are the most likely to benefit from increased employee retention and loyalty.

Take advantage of our introductory offer and trial our fruit box delivery service for 4 weeks with 25% off every fruit box you purchase!

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