Where our fruit comes from

Our fruit is hand-packed by our fruit team hours before delivery having been sourced from a local wholesale supplier who works closely with local farmers and growers to bring us the finest fruit and vegetables in the trade. We pride ourselves on offering high quality fresh produce; our Edgar’s Fruit buyer pays regular visits to our supplier to taste the fruit and talk about what is in season and at its best!

Not only do we offer everyday fruit and vegetables but also the more exotic and tropical fruit! Our Bespoke Fruit box can be made up of fruit and vegetables of your choice, so if you would like a pineapple or say something more unusual like guava or coconut, then we can source these for you (as long as they are in season of course!)

Delivering fruit that is of the utmost freshness..

We collect our fruit and vegetables, we pack and we deliver to you – ensuring the utmost quality and freshness! We use sturdy cardboard boxes that are 100% recyclable with air holes to prevent the fruit becoming too warm and designed to protect the fruit from bruising during transportation. The wholesale market doesn’t sleep and most of the trade is carried out in the early hours of the morning! Our packers work tirelessly through the night, hand selecting and packing the fruit to bring you great tasting produce!

Please check our Fruit and Vegetable Seasonality Table to find out what fruit and vegetables is available throughout the year!

There is more information about how fresh fruit ripens and how it should be stored on our Fruit ripening and storage page

Get advice and recommendations by emailing our friendly team.