Sustainable ways to manage your weight

With great enthusiasm to lose some weight, your fad diet starts well, you start to feel good and weight begins to drop off…

However, it then becomes a bit harder to lose the next few pounds, you start to lose interest, you get bored of this restrictive diet.. the weight creeps back on and you’re back to where you started, or maybe worse!

Many people want that ‘quick fix’ to lose weight, maybe before a holiday or special occasion, or simply thinking it will work long term!  The bad news is, generally short term stop gap diets will not prove successful long term!  Get slim quick diets usually involve calorie counting, intense reductions in what you consume and cutting out certain food groups.  This type of diet may help you to take weight off initially, but research shows that most people will tire quickly of their new food regime, or when they have reached their target weight,  go back to eating what they used to and pile the weight back on!

The most sustainable way of losing weight, and keep the weight off, is to change eating habits and in some cases, lifestyle.   Eating wholesome healthy food as a general rule with plenty of exercise, maybe with the odd treat in moderation, is a much better way to keep those kgs in check!

We’ve put together some great tips to help your weight loss diet be sustainable, and yes, enjoyable too!
  • Eat a colourful plate of food!   Sometimes called eating a rainbow, the more colourful your meals, the more nutrients and antioxidants you will be getting.  And of course, this will mean that you are sure to be consuming your ‘5-a-day’ and more!  Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables every day will help to make you feel full with the added benefits of being low in calories, high in fibre and full of disease busting goodness!
  • Fibre rich foods.  Fibre helps lower your cholesterol and regulates your blood sugars. Fibre also aids your digestion, elimination and boosts metabolism.  Adding more fibre in your daily meals will help to make you feel full so therefore, consume less calories!  Fibre isn’t just bran and brown bread..  tuck into plenty of delicious fruit such as raspberries, melon, apples and pears.  Avocadoes, potatoes with skin on, whole peanut and almond butter, wholegrain pitta wraps, broccoli, carrots, nuts, seeds, porridge and so much more to enjoy!
  • Cut out processed and refined foods.  Refined foods are usually lacking in nutrients and fibre but contain a high level of sugar, salt and fat content.  Processed food does not resemble the whole food it came from.  Research shows that people who consume mainly processed foods have a greater risk of obesity, hypertension and high blood sugar levels.
  • Drink more water  Remember to keep hydrated as this helps to suppress appetite, helps rid your body of toxins, boosts your metabolism and helps prevent water retention!
  • Energy in energy out!  Quite simply this is about our energy balance.  Energy in: the calories we consume via food and drink and, energy out; the calories we use in our bodies to meet our daily requirement.  The more you eat, the more you should exercise to burn off excess calorie intake to prevent this being stored as fat.  Exercise is absolute key to maintaining a healthy weight!
  • And finally, be consistent!  Combining your new way of healthy eating with increased activity, should certainly see you on track to lose weight and sustain your weight loss.  However, you do need to be consistent with your new lifestyle and make this a way of living.  It will become a habit, a joy, you will feel so much better and you will wonder why you ever reached for convenience foods!



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