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A brief company history

Edgar’s Fruit

Since 1992, we have used our knowledge, vision and passion to provide hot and cold drink solutions to thousands of people across the UK, keeping our customers hydrated at work, at leisure and on the go!

Edgar’s Fruit was born from the recognition that our customers could be benefiting from other high quality products delivered in the same way as our water; fresh fruit boxes, healthy snack boxes, fresh fruit hampers and milk delivered direct to your place of work, with no fuss. We pride ourselves on our exceptional attention to detail, from hand selected fruit, careful packaging and handling to an efficient and friendly delivery service.

Just like hydration, our fruit and vegetable intake is essential for health and wellbeing. Fresh fruit provides a healthy, nutritional boost during your working day. Through the increased knowledge that eating well at work is not only good for your health but boosts productivity, Edgar’s Fruit continues to grow – businesses and organisations are now taking care of their staff by providing healthy fresh fruit and snacks in their office or workplace – keeping their staff healthy and happy during their working day.

Edgar’s Fruit provides the same personal service the company gave when they had just a couple of hundred customers, despite the fact that that they are now one of the largest independent suppliers of fruit boxes in the UK.


Edgar’s Fruit is a trading name of Water Wellbeing Ltd

Edgar’s Fruit, Edgar’s Water and Edgar’s Coffee are all trading companies of ‘Water Wellbeing Ltd’

Water for Work Ltd was born in 1992 and provided bottled water to customers across the South East.  The company originated as a bottling plant manufacturer in the 1970’s and was known as George S Clayton.  Over the coming years, Water for Work and Home Ltd (as it then became) grew to be one of the largest independent water cooler suppliers to businesses and homes across the UK.  In 2006, the company diversified from being solely a water cooler business, breaking into the wellbeing arena and Wellbeing People was launched.

In April 2013, Water for Work and Home Ltd merged with Edgar’s Cool Water to form Water Wellbeing Ltd trading as Edgar’s Water, Edgar’s Fruit, Edgar’s Coffee and Wellbeing People.

The Company’s Mission Statement


To provide products and services in health and wellbeing to engage and empower people, organisations and communities to thrive.


To be “thought leaders” in the wellbeing sector by providing high quality hydration and fruit delivery services alongside our market leading model of Engaged Prevention, empowering people to make more positive choices around their health and wellbeing; using innovative and engaging methods of delivery whilst embracing latest research and data.


Our focus is to ethically achieve sustainable growth through providing profitable and affordable solutions that meet our customer’s needs.
How we do business is just as important as what we do; we aim to have a positive impact on all our staff and customers alike, through the high value that we place on people and relationships.

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