Caring for the workplace

Promoting healthy eating habits at work

Edgar’s Fruit know that promoting healthy eating habits in the workplace can really make a huge difference to their employee’s health and wellbeing.

Working a long day does not mean that employees cannot have a healthy diet. So often offices are full of snacks that are high in sugar and fat which are not only high in calories and additives but also do not offer a sustained energy release! Edgar’s Fruit believe that by having fresh fruit available in the office or work kitchen encourages staff to eat well and help to make staff feel valued! Workplaces that look after their employees are rewarded by lower absenteeism, increased productivity and higher employee retention rates.

Edgar’s employees enjoy fresh fruit that is readily available throughout their working week. There is something for everyone, even those that need some encouragement to eat fruit are tempted by the colourful variety in the fruit bowl! Having cold refreshing water in the office is paramount to keep your workforce hydrated too – being dehydrated can cause tiredness, headaches and lethargy. Edgar’s also look after their employees by caring for their wellbeing through regular health screening, wellbeing activities and workshops.

Studies show healthy employees are more productive. 

Research has shown that healthy employees can be up to 20% more productive due to increased energy levels, and over the longer term, employees who eat more fruit will have less illnesses and absence from work.

With the majority of people working up to 60% of their waking hours, at least 3 portions of the recommended ‘5-a-day’ should be eaten during work hours. Edgar’s Fruit offers a fresh fruit delivery service that is tailored to match the needs of your workforce, meaning a regular supply of delicious fresh fruit for employees to enjoy.

Edgar’s Fruit also offer a great range of healthy snacks which are non-perishable with a longer shelf life than fresh fruit – great for meetings, events, health fair or simply every day! The healthy snacks are packed in two convenient sized boxes and contain a selection of gluten free, low sugar, low fat, vegan and wheat free options.


Edgar’s Fruit believe they can help to make the workplace a better and happier environment by offering fresh fruit delivery, healthy snack box options, water and hot drinks solutions.
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