Working with charities

Providing communities with access to clean water


Our sister company, Edgar’s Water, has partnered with Drop4Drop in an effort to raise awareness and support countries such as Africa and India that are facing a water crisis.

Together we have provided access to clean drinking water to over 1,050 people within the Javakala in India. Those living within this community are now able to spend more time with loved ones, without fears of having to provide them with unsafe, dirty water and the health implications it may cause.

“I am not able to walk to the outskirts of the village to get water because I have a baby to take care of. Now, we are happy to have got the hand pump well installed in our own community in the residential areas. We are saved from the trouble to fetching water. The water is very useful to us. My baby drinks the water from the well and giggles to herself”  Mrs.Ramya – 23 years

Why is clean drinking water so important?

663 million people around the world live without access to clean and safe drinking water.

  • Those suffering with diseases related to drinking unsafe drinking water currently occupy half of the world’s hospital beds. (UN)
  • Each year, 443 million school days are lost due to water related illness (WHO/UNICEF)
  • On a daily basis, women and children collectively walk 200 million miles to collect water that is unsafe and likely to lead to disease.

How can a drop of clean water change people’s lives?


  • By introducing a clean water source to a community, thousands of hours previously spent collecting water, are saved resulting in increased productivity within the community.
  • The number of lives lost from water related diseases is reduced dramatically when a clean water source is provided within the community.
  • With the introduction of a clean water source within the community, hygiene education programmes improve dramatically, and as a result the health of the community is improved.
  • When children no longer have to collect water they can spend more time in education, improving their chances of a brighter future.

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Donations to Charities

Over the years, Edgar’s have raised over £100,000 for Banardos – a charity dedicated to help vulnerable children and young people. We have also supported Marie Curie Cancer Care, Breast Cancer Research, Help for Heroes and many others and will always try to support charities where and when we can.  Edgar’s staff regularly raise money throughout the year by joining in Wear it Red Day for British Heart Foundation, Wear it Pink for Breast Cancer Research, Jeans for Genes Day for Genetics Disorders UK, Sport Relief and Comic Relief.

Edgar’s largest support for charity is the British Heart Foundation of which we are proud sponsors of the London to Brighton Bike Ride and have been for many years.  The Edgar’s Water Team work hard all day to keep the cyclists hydrated by handing out over 24,000 bottles of water at the finishing line.  It is a great day to be involved in and there is such a tremendous sense of achievement and success as the cyclists reach the finishing line.

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