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Making positive choices around health and wellbeing

Wellbeing People are part of the same group as Edgar’s Fruit, Edgar’s Water and Edgar’s Coffee and sits under the parent company Water Wellbeing Ltd.

With more than a decade’s experience in the health and wellbeing sector, Wellbeing People strive to empower organisations, communities and individuals to make positive choices around their health and wellbeing. Wellbeing People take an innovative approach, supporting their customers towards positive, measurable outcomes.  Working with the private, public and third sector, Wellbeing People offer a portfolio of programmes and products; including wellbeing engagement, health MOTs, cholesterol and blood glucose testing, wellbeing activities, wellbeing workshops, occupational health audits, consultancy and more.


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Case Study

Looking after our employees…

A new role had arisen in the Edgar’s Bottling Plant in July this year. The successful applicant, a big guy who plays rugby for a local team, was pleased to be welcomed by Edgar’s! He wishes to remain anonymous but was very happy for us to share his story! We will call him Jim for the purposes of this case study.

During his induction on his first day, Mike, our HR and Facilities Manager, introduced Jim to staff at Wellbeing People (Wellbeing People are part of the same group as Edgar’s). Mike then left Jim to be shown the many products and services that Wellbeing People provide. Allan, an accomplished member of the Events Team, asked Jim if he would like to be health checked by using Wellbeing People’s Interactive Health Kiosk! Jim agreed and the health check commenced!

About 10 minutes later, when Mike returned, Jim was sitting down with Allan who was taking secondary readings of his blood pressure. His blood pressure was reading black, a range that is ‘too high’ and very high risk. Allan said he would normally advise someone to go straight to A&E but as it was Jim’s first day he thought the reading may be higher due to stress etc. Jim re-took his blood pressure twice later that day and he was still in the black range, so we advised him to go to his GP urgently. Jim had been working nights in his previous job with a poor diet. He didn’t have a clue that he had a problem as he thought he was quite fit!

Jim was really thankful to Edgar’s and Wellbeing People for the detail we go into with new staff; he said he felt cared for in his new role and that this health check could have saved his life. It has given him a huge kick to sort out his diet and lifestyle. We welcome Jim to the company and will continue to monitor his health.

The Interactive Health Kiosk is readily available for all staff at Edgar’s and Wellbeing People to regularly check their health and lifestyle balance. A confidential report allows staff to measure their own readings confidentially and use as a regular guide to monitor their results.

These kind of health checks can make all the difference!

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